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Unloading Station Is Ready At Zaporizhia Coke

On August 7, 2020, upon successful completion of comprehensive tests, coke plant of Zaporizhstal JV (Zaporizhia Coke), installation company STEM and JSC “Dneprotyazhmash” have signed an acceptance act of Wagon Tippler VRS-93 and two Drilling and Milling Machines DFMS-12.

Project of modernization of the unloading station foresaw replacement of old Wagon Tippler VRS-134M into the new three-bearing VRS-93 with an identical kinematic scheme. Such replacement of one wagon tippler type to another has been made for the first time. Primarily, this project was enabled by Engineering and Technological Institute (PKTI), a part of Dneprotyazhmash. Being developer of both wagon tippler types, PKTI could make a successful replacement project with minor change in foundation piers.

New ready-to-use Wagon Tippler VRS-93 has many advantages:

· Control system using frequency converters in the rotor’s drives (patented system of direct digital control “DTC”) and programmable controllers of SIMATIC series;

· Automated centralized lubrication system;

· Enforced steel structures of cradle’s beams in order to enlarge lifetime and decrease repairs cost;

· Vibrators’ frame geometry re-assessment in order to make efficiency of 4-axles wagons unloading better: streamlined claws without ‘pockets’ scale down volumes of unloaded material that are fallen back to wagon; space for material fall is increased (no removable beams); vibrators’ frame is enforced;

· Optimized geometry of cradle’s contact frame that became possible after removal of portable parts from the design in order to decrease number of failures during wagons unloading;

· Cradle’s links enforcement;

· Breaks system with electric drive, located on the platform, has been also modernized.

Main advantage of VRS-93 comparing to old VRS-134 consists in lifetime increase of up to 20 years as a result of wagon tippler length shortening and consequently, exclusion of rotor’s torsion, platform and cradle’s deformation.

“Dneprotyazhmash” has also developed and supplied especially for this project two drilling and milling machines DFMS-12 to be installed under the VRS-93. These machines will be used for milling of large pieces of clotted and frozen material after their unloading from wagons.

“Dneprotyazhmash” manufactures wide variety of bulk materials handling equipment for wagons unloading: defrosting facilities, boring machines, wagon pushers, drilling machines and wagon tipplers of all types (stationary and mobile, rotary and side-discharge, as well as duplex tipplers). Since first wagon tippler delivery in 1948 (coincidentally, also for Zaporizhia Coke), this newest VRS-93 has become 432nd machine made by Dneprotyazhmash.

JSC “Dneprotyazhmash” (DTM) is a leading Ukrainian heavy machinery enterprise of full production cycle, a part of Dneprotechservice Scientific and Production Group (located in Dnipro, Ukraine). Founded in 1914, DTM is a major supplier of technological equipment, spare parts and engineering solutions for mining and metallurgy, construction and transport industries.

As for today, “Dneprotyazhmash” is the world’s No.1 supplier of cast-iron lining rings for tunnels and mine shafts, CIS’ No.1 supplier of bulk materials handling machines & equipment, as well as leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and spares for coke, agglomeration, ore processing, mining, blast furnace and steelmaking plants.



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