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Cast Iron and Steel Casting


Pallet Cars


Slag Ladles


Mill Liners

Pallet cars are used to air-sweep ore fines and sintering concentrates through the charge layer during sintering belt movement. The car consists of a split or one-piece cast steel body, steel sealing plates, and lattice grate. Use of the seal assembly on the roller adds substantial wear resistance.


Pallet cars are subject to high stresses from carrying loads and thermal loads resulting from the high temperatures in the furnace and the subsequent cooling from ambient air on the return track, as well as abrasion during discharge.


DTS’s pallet car solutions provide customers with fast lead times and high levels of safety, reliability and maintainability. Our proven design ensures long equipment life.
- Reliability
- Extended service life

The slag ladle is designed to hold slag
discharged from furnaces, steelmaking, and ferroalloy
units. The ladles are made to hold slag at
temperatures up to 1600 °C 

Ladles & Bowls are available with capacities up to 20 cubic meters and finished weights up to 40 tons. Our facilities have the capability to cast ladles and bowls of every shape and style for a variety of mounting systems and methods of transport.

Every Ladle or Bowl is designed and engineered to meet specific and critical custom specifications. 

DTS manufacture the hot metal ladle car that designed for transportation of hot metal from the furnace to casting machines,mixers, and steelmaking units. Ladle cars are produced with a capacity of 50, 100 and 140 m3 . The ladle car moves along railways with the help of traction railway equipment. The ladle is tilted with a
tilting winch or cane.

DTS offers the complete range of mill lining products.
This makes it possible for us to offer you the type of lining that best suits your operating conditions and design it to optimize your process.

Wide choices all popular mills ranging from traditional wave styles to step liners. Also we have huge experience of trunnion liners production. Any size and accurately machining them in our 100 acres machine shop. DTS design and produce end liners for long, trouble-free service life.

DTS can provide all the castings required for a complete grinding mill reline. All of our parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction. Our engineers are available to help you optimize the wear life of your grinding mills. As new designs are developed, our in-house pattern department translates them into accurate patterns.

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