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About DTS

We are a group of Ukraine-based manufacturers who specialize in the development, manufacturing, sales, and service of heavy equipment and machinery for the space, mining, metallurgical, coking, chemical, oil & gas refining, mass transit, and power generation industries as well as marine ports and bulk material transfer facilities DTS Head office based in Ukraine.

Also we have following representatives: 
• DTS Equipment Inc. is the sales & marketing division based in California, USA. 
• DTS Equipment Ltd. is the sales & marketing division based in London, United Kingdom.


DTS at a glance:

• Ukraine-based manufacturing facilities;
• Over 1500 employees as of 2020;
• Over 450 acres of manufacturing area;
• Revenue of $50M for FY 2020;
• 2020 production output of 35,000 tons;
• World Class Supplier of Cast Iron lining rings for tunnels and mine shafts;

• Leading Supplier of Bulk Materials Handling Equipment;

• ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system;
• Export to over 30 countries, including USA, Canada and United Kingdom;

Our Main Activities:

• Heavy equipment and machinery engineering: Design and fabrication of machinery, processing equipment, and rigging for the mining, metallurgy, coking, power generation, and coal industries as well as for bulk material transfer facilities and marine ports;
• Underground constructions: Development and implementation of projects for the subway and mining industry;
• Space: Manufacturing of rocket launcher components. Development and manufacturing of main and auxiliary equipment for space launcher complexes;
• Innovation: Complete service from pre-production models, technology development, and manufacturing of new equipment and machinery to serve our customers’ needs.

Our Facilities:

• Steel mill;
• Iron foundry; 
• Metal fabrication shop (forming, welding, & finishing);
• Mechanical assembly facility;
• Cast roll manufacturing plant.

In addition, DTS runs the Design Engineering Institute of Technology, which can provide both basic engineering services as well as detailed design work for a range of equipment. Institute specialists can also build on their experience and expertise to modernize existing equipment.

Regardless of the size and scope of the job, our team has the knowledge and experience to serve our customers’ needs and develop innovative engineering solutions. Our entire staff is dedicated to customer satisfaction. This commitment includes rapid response to our customers’ changing needs and high quality products delivered to customer specifications and on schedule.

At DTS, our growing success has come from our ability to meet our customers’ needs. We continue to thrive by offering innovative products and services that give customers an advantage in their industry. We look forward to establishing new long term business relationships through joint ventures and large-scale projects.

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