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New Product – Steel Teeming Ladle Car

JSC «Dneprotyazhmash» (Dnipro, Ukraine) for the first time manufactured and shipped steel teeming ladle car - a new type of product in our range of technological transport. Customer of this equipment is EVRAZ HTMK metallurgical plant.

The SS-175-2500 Steel Teeming Ladle Car is designed for transporting loaded and empty steel-teeming ladles with a capacity of 175 tons to the oxygen-converter shop. It is a self-travelling platform consisting of a frame that relies on two bogies with drives. This Ladle Car is also equipped with a remote-operating coupler and scraper for rail track cleaning from hot metal and slag emissions.

As always, during development and manufacturing of the equipment, we emphasized on its reliability and safety during operation. Thus, SS-175-2500 Steel Teeming Ladle Car manufactured by JSC «Dneprotyazhmash» has following features:

· The frame is made as a welded metal structure of low-alloyed steel of 09G2S (S355J) grade;

· To protect it against high temperatures of liquid steel (up to 1,500 °C), the frame, cover plates of drive mechanisms and scraper lift drive can be lined with a refractory bricks;

· Cable-conductive wiring is made of RKGM wires with heat-resistant insulation and additionally protected by thermally resistant Pyrojacket 35 hose and heat-resistant hermetic;

· Cable tracks are made in a U-shape enforced profile;

· Safety of service personnel is ensured by remote control of the Ladle Car from control posts.

· Average lifetime of the product is 15 years.

JSC «Dneprotyazhmash» traditionally manufactures wide variety of technological transport for metallurgical plants: slag pot railcars, hot metal railcars, charging machines, different metallurgical pushers, platforms and bogies. For the previous year, besides the Steel Teeming Ladle Car, we have made 1 car pusher, 3 charging machines, 2 hot metal railcars and 11 slag pot railcars.

JSC “Dneprotyazhmash” (DTM) is a leading Ukrainian heavy machinery enterprise of full production cycle, a part of Dneprotechservice Scientific and Production Group (located in Dnipro, Ukraine). Founded in 1914, DTM is a major supplier of technological equipment, spare parts and engineering solutions for mining and metallurgy, construction and transport industries.

As for today, “Dneprotyazhmash” is the world’s No.1 supplier of cast-iron lining rings for tunnels and mine shafts, CIS’ No.1 supplier of bulk materials handling machines & equipment, as well as leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and spares for coke, agglomeration, ore processing, mining, blast furnace and steelmaking plants.



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