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Wagon Tipplers for Vorkutaugol JSC is one of the largest coal companies of Russia

Vorkutaugol JSC is one of the largest coal companies of Russia. Within the modernization of Pechorskaya Coal Concentration Plant a bottleneck – lack of capacity of incoming coal processing area – has been identified. Two Wagon Tipplers VRS-134 made by Dneprotyazhmash JSC have become critical equipment on this matter.

One of them we delivered to Pechorskaya Plant in 2017. Another one has been dispatched this June. Both having capacity of unloading of 20…25 rail wagons per hour, they will increase capacity of the Plant to 8 MTons of coal per year. Workload is 360 days per year, 2 shifts of 12 hours each.

Wagon Tipplers of Dneprotyazhmash completely fit with the requirements of such working conditions and satisfy three main design features: capacity, reliability, and safety.

Capacity is guaranteed by:

- Ability to unload any type of existing rail wagons (by dimensions);

- High tonnage (up to 180 tons per wagon);

- Electric drives with frequency converters that ensure smooth control of rotation speed.

Reliability is guaranteed by:

- Automated lubrication system of all components and junctions;

- Reinforced platform;

- Integration of current parameters control system and diagnostic messages system.

Safety is guaranteed by:

- Electric equipment complied for operation in explosion hazardous zones of class 21;

- Presence of two safety zones at entry and exit of the Wagon Tippler for location control of paired wagons within the wagon tippler platform area;

- Up-to-date signaling system.

Besides, Dneprotyazhmash has adapted its wagon tippler standard design for the Customer’s requirements:

- All frequency converters of the control system are adjusted to working conditions and the workload, and supplied in special ‘box’ and ‘integrated’ make;

- Mechanical parts, control system and signaling electric equipment have been made especially for low temperatures environmental conditions and were customized for explosion hazardous conditions distinctive for Pechorskaya Plant.

Wagon Tippler VRS-134 has modern and unique control system developed by Dneprotyazhmash. It allows controlling of all unloading area equipment from the same post in order to increase coordination efficiency and safety of works. Our Wagon Tipplers have design lifetime of 25 years, but many of them have been in operation for even up to 50 years.

Dneprotyazhmash has designing and producing wagon tipplers since 1948. Since then a total of 431 units have been delivered to our Customers from 23 countries all over the world. Among all these machines we have made 32 pcs. of VRS-134 type, 4 of which for Vorkutaugol JSC.



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