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Mine Shaft and Tunnel Lining

DTS Group iron and steel lining for mine shafts and tunnels is successfully used in underground infrastructure projects all around the world, from Kazakhstan and Russia to Canada. It is fully customizable and may be adapted to all diameters, face shapes, sealing types and ground conditions. Based on nearly 80 years of experience, DTS Group is deeply committed to delivering individual lining projects quickly, precisely and reliably. Exactly where they are needed. 

Cast iron (SGI) and steel lining manufactured by DTS Group helps to build new underground mines, extend and repair metro and other civil tunnels worldwide for more than 75 years. For these years more than 550 000 metric tons of lining of all types were successfully delivered to the customers all over the world. 

Based on this unique expertise and experience, we are working closely with our customers to develop tailor-made design solutions and provide the first class precise and reliable production. 

For the foundry, which DTS Group is proud to have in its compound manufacturing metal lining, it all started in 1935 since the first order for cast iron tunnel lining rings for Moscow metro tunnels. Later, the separate iron foundry, casting conveyor, fabrication shop and specialized machining facilities were put into operation to enable a serial production of liner plates required. 

Since then, DTS Group completed lining projects for mine shafts, metro tunnels, ventilation shafts and civil tunnels in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Canada and the UK. Those projects included cast iron, cast steel, fabricated rings of different geometry with diameters ranging from 4.00 to 9.00 meters. We, in DTS, are committed to developing complex design and production solutions that will take our customers forward, by paving their way to success.

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Cast Iron (SGI) Lining for Tunnels

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Cast Iron (SGI) Lining for Mines

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