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BEST PLAYER Plant Chess Tournament Was Held at JSC “Dneprotyazhmash”

Chess Tournament “BEST PLAYER” was held at the enterprise on April 6. 11 amateur players and chess enthusiasts, including CEO Oleg Vynnyk and Production Director Sergey Zelenskyi, as well as workers from Workshops No. 1, 2, 7 and 9, and Department 45 took part in the tournament. Besides the competitive games every player had chance to play with an “independent coach”, Director of Dneprotechservice Group Mr. Oleksii Zinoviev.

Since no chess tournaments had been held at the enterprise for ages, this one raised strong interest between the plant’s workers. The tournament was a round robin, with 11 tours each consisting of 5 games. Players received satisfaction from each single moment of the matchday, even playing out-of-competition blitz chess games every spare minutes between the competitive tours. Despite amateur nature of the tournament, two players have some background in chess – Yurii Grinenko (workshop No.2) and Oleksandr Ugolkov (workshop No.1) are 1 category chess players according to local sports standards. Therefore, it was a real challenge for complete amateurs players to compete with them, though, that was difficult, exciting and aspirational.

Yurii Grinenko won the Title, becoming the Tournament Winner. Players ranked 1 to 3 received money prize, the rest were awarded a consolation prizes. However, the most important was the fact that everybody had chance to compete, to approve themselves, and to master their skills in their favorite sports.



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