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Slag Cars and Crushing & Milling Machine has been delivered to the customers

JSC “Dneprotyazhmash” has made and delivered to PJSC Zaporizhia Coke Plant the first out of two crushing and milling machines of DFMS-12 type. These machines are intended for crushing of large pieces and frozen blocks of unloaded material on the bin grates of receiving bins under rotary or side-discharge wagon tipplers.

Major advantages of DFM machines are high performance, smooth travelling speed regulation, ease of control and maintenance. High performance of crushing and milling machine is ensured by its design, including torque-limiting clutch, oblique-helicoidal teeth arrangement on the cutter drum (that reduces dynamic loads while coal crushing), and hard-surfacing of teeth’ cutting heads (that improves their wear resistance properties).

Frequency controllers-based control system ensures cutter rotation drive operation in nominal mode, smooth rotation speed alterations (that increases operational lifetime of motors and gear boxes of the travelling drive), and default position return with a higher travelling speed (that decreases crushing cycle time).

Recent deliveries of crushing and milling machines JSC “Dneprotyazhmash” has made to JSC TNC Kazchrome plants, Dneprovsky Iron & Steel Works, and Ekibastuz GRES-1 power station.

JSC “Dneprotyazhmash” has shipped another two non-self-propelled slag cars of ShTS-16 type to Aksu Ferroalloy Plant (Republic of Kazakhstan). Slag cars are designed for transportation of slag ladles with molten or slag from metal-making units to dumping sites. Dneprotyazhmash-made slag cars, weighting near 66 tons with slag ladle of 16 m3, have enforced axle bearings. Aksu Ferroalloy Plant, a part of JSC TNC Kazchrome, owned by Eurasian Resources Group (“ERG”), is a frequent Customer for JSC “Dneprotyazhmash”. Thus, previous delivery of 8 slag cars to the Customer in Kazakhstan is dated back to 2016.



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