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New Coke Battery Servicing Machine – Coal Charging Car

JSC “Dneprotyazhmash” has designed, manufactured and successfully tested its first ever coal charging car – UZM-21.6 machine for Zaporizhia Coke. This machine is used for loading of coal into the coke battery ovens of 21.6 m3 and performance of all associated technological operations.

Its design combines both technical solutions that have proven themselves during years of exploitation of similar equipment, and modernized solutions, such as:

- Hoppers are adjusted for weight measuring system installation;

- All design solutions and component parts were chosen in order to survive in severe operational environment, such as high temperatures, ‘naked flame’ explosions, aggressive fallouts;

- Control system boxes are completed with the newest electric equipment (relays, automatic circuit breakers, etc.), encapsulated fittings, special collars for external cabling are used, as well as other measures and solutions that ensures life extension of the equipment, power consumption savings, and ergonomics of the operator’s work.

At the Customer’s demand, coal charging car can be equipped with control mechanisms of coke oven gas goosenecks, centralized lubrication system with manual or automated control modes, and other technical features.

JSC “Dneprotyazhmash”, having large design department, is capable to produce new equipment and machines, as well as to modernize existing products range in order to adapt it to the demands of technologies and challenges arisen for modern metallurgical companies.



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