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DTS Has Celebrated International Children’s Day

The first day of summer, June 1st, usually marks the world’s recognized International Children’s Day. Established in 1925 during the World Conference dedicated to children’s prosperity, it is one of the oldest officially ‘International’ holidays.

Since 2005 there is a tradition for DTS to hold ‘Dreams Come True’ feast for its employees’ children. This year it was hosted by Dnipro Academic Drama and Comedy Theatre.

The feast was started in the theater lobby with lots of games, and fun, and various prizes. Funny and not fearful Barmalei, cheerful monkey Chi-Chi of doctor Aibolit, and gorgeous Baba-Yaga were entertaining children. Then there was a fairy-tale performance ‘Fantastic Adventures of Ksyusha’.

Great art of acting, interesting storyline, amazing music and light show, variety and glory of theatricals have made the performance spectacular and unforgettable. Even adults have expressed their satisfaction with the show. As for the children, even the most restless of them have followed the performance attentively, smoothly helping the fairy-tale characters.

The holiday ended with an always-pleasant part – gifts from Dneprotechservice to its children – arts and crafts set.

Our future is in our children! Let’s care about them, teach kindness, please them and be happy with them.



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